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 Sura 86 : The Bright Star (Al-Taareq)

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Sura 86 : The Bright Star (Al-Taareq) Empty
MessageSujet: Sura 86 : The Bright Star (Al-Taareq)   Sura 86 : The Bright Star (Al-Taareq) EmptyMer 1 Déc - 18:12

Sura 86 : The Bright Star (Al-Taareq)

[86:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
[86:1] By the sky and Al-Taareq.
[86:2] Do you know what Al-Taareq is?
[86:3] The bright star.
[86:4] Absolutely, everyone is well guarded.
[86:5] Let the human reflect on his creation.
[86:6] He was created from ejected liquid.
[86:7] From between the spine and the viscera.
[86:8] He is certainly able to resurrect him.
[86:9] The day all secrets become known.
[86:10] He will have no power, nor a helper.
[86:11] By the sky that returns (the water).
[86:12] By the earth that cracks (to grow plants).
[86:13] This is a serious narration.
[86:14] Not to be taken lightly.
[86:15] They plot and scheme.
[86:16] But so do I.
[86:17] Just respite the disbelievers a short respite.
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Sura 86 : The Bright Star (Al-Taareq)
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